Reworking the Studio + My New Jeweler’s Bench

Check out my new jeweler’s bench!

OK, so technically it’s not new, it’s old. Super cool old! From what research I’ve done so far, it’s very early 1900s… possibly late 1800s…  I can’t verify that yet. But I’m trying! I’ll post more on my quick restoration of my new beauty as I go! Right now, my studio consists of two long countertop desks, 6′ and 8′. I’m reworking (and moving) my studio this week. Now I can’t wait to get this baby inside my studio ;) More space… ya! Plus it just looks cool!

What does your studio consist of? Are you starting off like I did, creating pieces on your bed and your night stand? Or are you all decked out with fancy desks and benches? Love to hear your studio story! Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, and leave comment below!

Big Smiles,

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  • Dominique

    Reply Reply January 24, 2013

    my “work space”is shared with meals, kids playing, making homework etc.. soldering i can not do for it is the dinner table in my very small appartement . there is no room whatsoever to do stuff, so soldering and burning my silverclay is done on the small balcony if the weather is right… stones to cut or polish only outside ..
    well still hoping for a seperate room one day….
    but i still create lots of beautiful silverjewlery by adapting to the circumstances!! this also gets creativity going, but OH boy, such a desk is a dream for me!!

  • Amanda

    Reply Reply June 14, 2011

    You lucky duck…….what a cool find……that is going to be so handy with all those drawers for storage.
    My ‘studio’ consists of two tables (one 4′ and one 3′) across the bay window in my living room. The 3′ is an old wood kitchen table I yard saled for $10.00 that I do all my work on, the 4′ I mainly use for design layouts and overflow. Beside my work bench I have 3 plastic drawer towers (2 tall and 1 short) to stash all my findings, wire, chain, pearls, crystals and tools in.
    I do have a 12×24′ room on a lower level that I could use for my studio, but I find it so convenient to have it where it is, if I get an idea I can work on it right away without having to leave the comforts of home, so to speak (tv, radio and the teapot). :)
    The only slightly sour note is that my computer and photography area are on the lower level, so I end up traipsing up and down stairs more than I want to anyway. One of these days I will probably combine everything in one area, but for now it works for me!!!

    • laura

      Reply Reply June 14, 2011

      Sounds like you’ve got a great set up! Whatever works best for you is always the way to go. And it’s always nice to be close to the tea! Love your etsy shop by the way! Adorable pieces!

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