February Goals

Welcome February!

Do you have a goal yet to complete for February? Maybe learn a new jewelry technique, save for a new tool for your bench, get 20 new followers on your FB page, or maybe even (Finally!) start up that Etsy shop to sell all your beautiful works?

Something about the beginning of each month makes me re-evaluate my goals and jot down some new ideas to complete for the upcoming month. This month I’m spending on me. After having our 4th little one, I’m trying to work toward a better me, a healthier me, so I can feel good and be a good Momma and a good Wifey. Those baby blues can hit a girl hard after delivery! Whew! But I’m punching back with more veggies and less sweets and salt. Talk about a goal! Wow it’s hard, but I’m determined!

What are your goals for this month? Whether creative goals, career goals, or personal goals, I encourage you to jot them down in a journal or booklet somewhere. It really does help cement those goals into your mind and into your heart. Write down why you want to accomplish them and a few ideas or even a full plan on how to get there.

Here’s mine for February:

Creative: Design 3 new pillar pieces for my shop. (By pillar, I mean pieces that are unique to me and a calling card for my work.)

Career: Woo 20 new followers for my Facebook business page (I’m at facebook.com/janewearjewelry and /makesilverjewelry if you’d like to help me with that goal ;)

Personal: Walk at least 3 times per week and lose (never to be found again) at least 5-8 pounds.

What are your goals? Write them down. Share with the world or keep them to yourself, but please write them down. It will help. I promise!

Love and blessings,


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