Mini Vice Tool

What stops many new jewelers from becoming full-time jewelers is the cost of tools! Let’s face it, it can get expensive fast! BUT when you’re just beginning, it doesn’t have to be so expensive, if you’re willing to try to hunt up some good deals, and wait until your skills have developed to purchase the large ticket tools.

Here’s an example of a tool that I use almost daily… BUT this one won’t break your bank, even if you’re sporting a petite bank ;)

Use this little vice to hold ring shanks (bands) while you bezel set the top. This tool is essential on my bench when I’m setting stones on my rings, large and small.

TIP: Make sure to create a padding around your ring with a soft cloth (even a polishing cloth) so your vice doesn’t scratch your handiwork.

LOVE this piece! You’ll really find it’s one of those tools you don’t know you need it until you use it, then you’re hooked!
What pieces are you working on today? Please share in the comments below (link to your shop/ website if you wish!) Or post pics and links on FACEBOOK! Let’s see what each other are creating!


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