Save a Lung – Get a Fume Extractor

If you’re just starting out soldering, please pay attention to your own safety and keep it at the utmost importance. The world needs you and your special talents! So please keep your body safe.

Soldering your jewelry – or anything really – can release toxins and/or fumes into the air that are not good for you and can make you – and those you love around you – very sick. Using a fume extractor in your soldering space will help suck up (most) all the nasty fumes and whisk them away from you, so your lungs don’t have to take the beating.

There are many different brands and styles to choose from, some are more expensive than others. This is a pretty reasonable extractor to begin with… and as long as you keep up with replacing the filters, you really will be doing your body a BIG favor!

Don’t forget the filters! (This extractor above I believe should come with at least one replacement filter, but you’ll need to make sure to change them out for fresh ones when needed.)

Here’s to your beautiful lungs and your oh-so-important health!!

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