Invest in an Annealing Pan

OK I’m in love with my new annealing pan with pumice! I love the rush of new tools and supplies and riding the wave of the new inspiration they bring! And it’s also possible this momma has witnessed waaay too much Moana lately.

I cannot stress how much this tool has upped my jewelry game! Just in the last few weeks since it’s arrived in my studio. Night and day, let em tell you! Even soldering with a small butane torch, not even using the big gas one, this is awesome. You can find a smaller 7″ pan I believe, but I have the 12″ and I don’t regret it AT ALL.

This piece is a 12” soldering pan which rotates 360 degrees easily on ball bearings. The heat reflecting pumice is perfect for supporting your project in any position, flat or embedded. The pan comes with an attachable third hand custom designed to fit. Each pan includes pumice.
You can purchase them around the web, but this one is easy to purchase through Amazon:

Here are a few pieces I’ve be able to finish utilizing my new annealing pan:

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